About me

My name is Matjaz, for easier pronunciation, you can call me Matyas. 

I’m from Slovenia, born in 1979. Throughout my childhood I was attracted to art, even as a child I loved to draw, and in my teenage years I drew black and white portraits of famous personalities. With the development of computers, I started to work with digital art, although I have never lost the joy of the traditional art form.

A few years ago I also created a traditional art portal where I regularly feature incredibly talented artists from all over the world, both emerging and established artists. The website is also  dedicated to philosophy and mythology, it’s called The Gallerist.


And on this page I present my digital art, the so-called Ai-art. It is made with Stable Diffusion. Some people dislike this kind of art because it is not ”real art”. This debate has been going on since the development of photography, when photographers replaced a huge number of artists, while traditional artists considered that photography was not real art. Of course, nothing can replace the skill of making art with traditional physical tools.

But art comes in many forms. And whatever form art takes, if it inspires us and evokes certain feelings in us, if a picture inspires us, gives us hope, gives us meaning, or allows us to visit other worlds through it, then from my point of view it is art, and it’s fulfilling its original purpose.

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